About Floating


Our one-of-a-kind private floatation cabins are filled with ten inches of water and saturated with 1200 pounds of Epsom salt. The high density of Epsom salt causes one to float effortlessly and weightlessly atop the water like in the Dead Sea allowing you to reach a state of complete physical and mental relaxation quite quickly. The temperature of the water is at a constant 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit which is the body’s normal skin temperature, creating a feeling of oneness with the water. Often, individuals will peacefully fall asleep while floating due to the decrease of external stimulus and stress on the body and mind.

One hour floating is the equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. Although many individuals choose to float in complete darkness and silence, the option of underwater light color therapy and relaxing music is also available and at complete control of the floater.

For first-time floaters, it is common to have an overload of thoughts in the mind and tension in the body for the first few minutes of the float session. As you continue to relax and breathe deeply, realizing that no effort is needed to stay afloat, your mind will begin to quiet and your body will begin to release its tension. This is when the real benefits of floating take place.

Most people report looking younger after an hour of floating, and first-time floaters remark feeling happier, healthier, more positive, confident, as well as an increase in sensory awareness for several days after floating. In fact, it has been shown that the effects of floating the second, third, and each subsequent float thereafter produces even greater results and the benefits can last from days to weeks afterwards.