Before Floating


Our Water Quality

Our water is filtered after every float as well as every 45 minutes when not in use.

Our water is also sanitized by ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone daily. Ozone and UV light filtration is state of the art technology that is also used by hospitals to sanitize equipment.

Salt is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial agent as well, and our salt concentration is 10 times greater than that of the Dead Sea. They call it the Dead Sea because nothing can live in it.

And if all these steps weren’t enough, we also use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize as well to guarantee that our water is absolutely pristine.

Very Important

You cannot float if you have applied artificial tanner in the last 72 hours.

You cannot float if you have colored, tinted or highlighted your hair in the past 72 hours with permanent or temporary color of any kind.

If you have recently colored or tinted your hair it is important that you understand that before floating you can easily determine if your hair color or tint could compromise our water quality. Your hair must have no residual tint or color that would bleed unto a towel or into our pristine water.

Everyone is required to shower before and after floating.

  • Please do not be freshly shaven prior to floating.
  • We encourage you to wear earplugs, which are provided. If you choose not to wear them, thoroughly rinse each ear for 5 to 10 seconds after floating.
  • Before showering, insert earplugs. Ensure they are tightly sealed.
  • Showerhead is handheld. 50% labeled knob: water on/off. 100° labeled knob: hot/cold.
  • Be thorough. First shower should be at least 5 minutes long to ensure removal of any product or outside elements on body.
  • Rinse thoroughly to ensure that no bath products get inside the tank.
  • Attention: Please DO NOT float if your hair has been color treated or tinted within the last 72 hours. Additionally, please shampoo your hair a minimum of (3) times prior to floating in order to properly protect both your hair color/tint and the integrity of our water.

Pre-float tips:

  • Hang washcloth on hook inside float cabin in case you need to dry your face.
  • Bring Vaseline into shower with you. Place on ledge in cabin doorway to easily reach and apply to any broken skin or sensitive areas you may notice while floating.
  • First time floaters may find that using the neck pillow will help them ease into a more relaxed state.

There are three rubber buttons on the inside of the tank.

  • Press the center of the button ONCE firmly.
  • White button turns shower light on/off. Lights will dim gradually before turning off.
  • Black button We dare you to press it, jk our system was upgraded to the Sono’s System and the Black button is no longer functional.
  • Red button is for emergencies only (an attendant will come to your door).

To minimize chances of getting saltwater in your eyes:

  • Enter water as gently as possible to avoid splashing and creating waves.
  • Try not to tilt your head from left to right while floating.
  • When float is over, wring your hair out, place a hand on your forehead and sit up slowly to avoid water running forward into your face.
  • If you get saltwater in your eyes, use fresh water squirt bottle to spray and washcloth to pat dry.

When your float is over, the shower light will automatically turn on followed shortly by a “ding-dong” sound.

  • During second shower, rinse body, hair and ears thoroughly to get rid of excess salt.