“Wow! It is hard to find words to adequately describe my first visit to Adrift Float Spa. I have done meditation for 20 years and I experienced the deepest meditation ever in Adrift’s float tank. I have never slipped into a theta state so quickly and completely. I left feeling refreshed, centered and energized. I am telling all my friends and associates about it and I look forward to going back soon!”

JD Miller, owner Samuell Lynne Galleries

“In my pursuit of optimal wellness, I have tried everything from meditation, massage, reflexology, and yoga to supplement my fitness routine. While all of these things are helpful, I have seen the most amazing results from floating. When I leave Adrift I am always rejuvenated, invigorated, and most of all, rested.”

Larry North, fitness expert

“I find that floating allows me time and space in which to fully release all extraneous tension in my body… it allows me to soften my grip on my joints, to unclench my teeth, to be held up without having to strain my body to do it. Above all, it has aided me in finding a quiet space within myself again. Given today’s personal, social and professional demands, a space within which to have such a profound experience is rare and sacred.”

Josie Yearwood, pilates instructor